Cat and Dog News

Firework free party zone for dogs! – 10th November 2019 (External link)
Hundreds of dogs attended a special “Nae Fireworks” party at a wind farm outside Glasgow to try to get some relief from the stress of what, for many of us, have been days-on-end of exploding fireworks. The event, begun in 2017, has grown in popularity with pet owners reporting it as an absolute godsend.

I only wish I lived nearer Glasgow as my own poor dog, Lexi, has been terrified of the fireworks over the last few weeks. Perhaps this should become a nationwide initiative?

Honouring the “bravery, loyalty and service of the police dogs of West Mercia”  – 14th October 2019 (External link)

Statue dedicated to the Police Dogs of West Mercia by the British Iron Centre (Photo: British Ironwork Centre)
Statue dedicated to the Police Dogs of West Mercia by the British Ironwork Centre (Photo: British Ironwork Centre)

This beautiful, poignant and highly imaginative sculpture was created free of charge by sculptors at the British Ironworks Centre. Unveiled in October 2019 and made using seized knives and guns, this unusual statue manages to capture the brave and honourable nature of police dogs perfectly, and is a fitting tribute to their service.

The statue can be viewed outside West Mercia Police headquarters, Hindlip, Worcester WR3 8SP

Ely Cathedral eulogy to Sainsbury’s cat Garfield – 29th September 2019 (External link)
Garfield, a ginger and white Tom cat spent much of his time in the Sainsbury’s superstore at Ely. Here he would watch the world go by as he lounged on the shop’s sofas while being petted by customers. Sadly Garfield was hit by a car in the car park back in the summer and killed. Yesterday a service was held at Ely Cathedral for Garfield and all the other pets we have loved and lost. Over 450 people and their pets attended. Cate Caruth, who wrote a book about this friendly, much-missed moggy, was one of the many who paid tribute to Garfield saying: “He was a pet for all those who could have no pet of their own.”

You’ve heard of cat cafe’s but now it’s cake with corgis! 15th September 2019 (External link)
Not so long ago corgi ownership was very much in decline and Pembroke Welsh Corgis were added to the Kennel Club’s “at watch list” for endangered breeds. But now there’s been a real resurgence in the popularity of these little dogs. A change in fortunes which is thought partly to be due to the popular Netflix series about the Queen – The Crown. And in Thailand, China and Japan, Corgi Cafe’s are springing up and doing a roaring trade. Go Corgis 🙂

It’s National Purple Poppy Day –  23rd August 2019 (External link)
Animals which served and died in wars and conflicts are honoured today,  23rd August. Over 16 million animals served in World War 1 alone and animals continue to play a role in modern day conflicts. The Purple Poppy event is organised by the War Horse Memorial, and donations for the beautiful purple poppies go to charities like World Horse Welfare and the Blue Cross

The War Horse Memorial organises a Purple Poppy day on August 23rd each year, to remember the animals lost in conflicts (Picture War Horse Memorial)
The War Horse Memorial organises a Purple Poppy day on August 23rd each year, to remember the animals lost in conflicts (Picture War Horse Memorial)

‘Crazy cat lady’ stereotype is nonsense, say scientists, as dog owners found to be just as neurotic – 22nd August 2019 – (External link)
Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, said that, contrary to popular belief, there is no evidence that cat lovers are more depressed, neurotic and lonely than dog owners. In fact, they are just as agreeable and out-going. This will please my mum and daughter who are both cat-obsessed. 🙂

Should people be given time off work when their pet dies? – 15th August 2019 – (External link)
Many of us know first-hand how hard it can be when a beloved pet dies, but should employers allow their staff time off to grieve? Emma McNulty from Glasgow was simply too upset to work after her terrier Millie past away. Millie had been her childhood companion for 14 years and the loss was making Emma physically sick. However, her employer told her that if she couldn’t find a replacement for her shift in the sandwich shop where she worked, she would be dismissed, and unfortunately that’s just what happened.  ACAS – The Advisory, Conciliation, and Arbitration Service told the BBC: “pets are not specifically mentioned within workplace bereavement legislation.” Well, Emma wants to change that and she has started a petition to do so. You can sign it here.

Rescuing the animals of Kiev, in pictures – 1st August 2019 (External link)
You might be forgiven for thinking, as did I, that in a politically turbulent country like Ukraine people may not put animal welfare at the top of their concerns. In fact, there are many volunteers rescuing wild and pet animals, as is documented in this beautiful and inspirational photo essay by photographer Thomas Machowicz. Mykhailo Starozhuk who is founder of the Kiev Animal Rescue Group (Karg) notes modestly: “We are ordinary people. We do not do something supernatural… Anyone can be in our shoes, anyone can save an animal.”

Monument vandals face tougher sentences – 3rd July 2019 (External link)
Not dog or cat news but good news certainly that those who damage historic buildings or monuments will face tougher sentences under newly published guidelines. Courts will now have to take into account the heritage or cultural value of the damaged monument.

Famed Mexican rescue dog Frida retires after nine years’ duty – 25th June 2019 (External link)
The Mexican Navy canine unit held a ceremony on Monday to honour Golden Labrador Frida who has participated in over 50 rescue operations saving 12 people’s lives.

Frida's image has been painted on walls and a bronze statue of her and her handler was erected in Puebla, Mexico. (Picture - Getty Images)
Frida’s image has been painted on walls and a bronze statue of her and her handler was erected in Puebla, Mexico. (Picture: Getty Images)

‘King of Ruddington’ Wilbur the cat set for birthday celebrations – 22nd June 2019 (External link)
Villagers in a Nottinghamshire village are so enamoured with their friendly cat Wilbur – who likes to saunter around visiting the building society, shops and a local pub – that they plan to hold a 10th birthday party for him. The event will raise money for defibrillators for the village. Other famous Moggies who have charmed their way into the hearts of local residents and business owners are Hamish of St Andrew’s and Brutus the Morrison’s cat, both of which have been commemorated with statues.

Wilbur at the local building Society
Wilbur working at the local building society. Judging from his expression he may not be the best staff member to ask for a loan. (Picture: Leslie Harper).

Felix the Huddersfield station cat gets own apprentice
– 22nd June 2019 (External link)
Felix (pictured below) works as a pest controller at Huddersfield railway station. She is also charged with the important task of meeting and greeting passengers. But now Felix has an apprentice – enter little Bolt. Bolt, the all-black kitten is a little shy apparently but we are sure he will soon get more outgoing as he gets used to the job. People travel far and wide to see Felix (who has had a best selling book written all about her) and I must say I am tempted to go to Huddersfield just to see this gorgeous girl and her new little helper. I’m sure Huddersfield has many other attractions too of course!

Felix is one of a number of cats living in railway stations around the country and Alfie the Rushden Station cat is commemorated with a touching memorial.

Felix the Huddersfield cat
Felix is one of a number of cats living in railway stations around the country. What a welcome sight for the weary traveller. (Picture: Felix the Huddersfield cat Facebook).

Bring Your Dog To Work Day – 21st June 2019 (external link)
It’s bring you dog to work day and twitter has been set alight with pics of adorable pooches working at the computer, on building sites, chairing meetings and everywhere else you can think of! Unfortunately I work mostly from home so Lexi doesn’t get to show her excellent work credentials.

The National Trust get's a new recruit
The National Trust get’s a new recruit. (Picture: National Trust).

The eyes have it – 20th June 2019
Evolution of a facial muscle enable dogs to put on puppy dog eyes!

Cats accident death law plans welcomed by campaigners – 17th June 2019 (external link)
An MP has called for a change in the law so that cat owners can find out when their pets are killed or injured in road accidents like dog owners.

Where dogs wear pollution masks – 9th June 2019 (external link)
Video. South Korea’s high levels of pollution mean that some dog owners are becoming so concerned about their dogs they are giving them masks to wear.

Police dog Finn’s law comes into force – 8th June 2019
After months of campaigning a new law has been passed that protects service animals.

PD Finn, the police dog who inspired a new law protecting service animals. (Picture: BCH Police dogs).

Felines vie to be named top cat by welfare charity – 5th June 2019 (external link)
Helping a teenager overcome depression and bringing comfort to a cancer sufferer have earned two moggies nominations to be named top cat in this year’s Cats Protection moggie of the year awards.

National memorial to K9s unveiled – 23rd April 2019
After years of dedicated campaigning by PC Paul Nicholls this beautiful memorial has been unveiled in Oaklands Park, Chelmsford, Essex. Many police dogs and their handlers were in attendance and a stirring speech was given by Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick.

Can your cat understand you? – BBC Newsbeat – 8th April 2019
Researchers played cats a clip of four random words, followed by the cat’s name, to see if they would respond. They tested this using the cat’s owners voice, and a stranger’s voice. More than half of the cats showed signs of acknowledgement when their name was called, including ear twitches and head turns.

Max my cat certainly knew his name, especially around teatime!
Max my cat certainly knew his name, especially around teatime! (Picture: Jackie Buckle)