Here are listed some resources around the topics of pet history and the human-companion animal bond.


Pets and history

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Purr ‘n’ Fur
Huge treasure trove of information for cat lovers with everything you wanted to know about our feline friends from famous cats to fun feline games.

Finding Fido project
Through the ‘Finding Fido’ project, researchers at Newcastle University hope to create an online archive of all the headstones, plaques, statues and other memorials dedicated to animals to better understand how the relationship between humans and animals – especially dogs – has changed over time.

Hilda Kean
Hilda is a public and cultural historian. Her website contains many interesting articles on animal-human history and animal rights, amongst other historical topics.

Pet Histories: The AHRC Pets and Family Life Project Blog
This wonderful project looks at the changing position of animals in the home, especially in relation to other shifts in family life. There are many fascinating blog posts on pet history and you can even share your old photos on their Instagram and twitter accounts.

Old Police Cells Museum – the rise of the police dog
The fascinating story behind the use of police dogs in the UK.

Presidential Pets Museum
Almost all of the US president’s have had pets. Find out more about them all here!

The Great Cat
Very comprehensive and beautifully illustrated website with articles on cat history, cats in art etc.

Human-companion animal bond and pet bereavement

This man’s bond with his dog helped him off the streets, Channel 4, 20 December 2017
Incredible video showing the power of dogs for good in our lives. “He loves me unconditionally, I count my blessings every day… This dog saves my life on a daily basis.” The loving bond this man has with his dog helped take him off the streets.

Bailey. (Picture: Channel 4 News)

Society for Companion Animal Studies (SCAS)
SCAS was established in 1979 to promote the study of human-companion animal interactions and raise awareness of the importance of pets in society. This man’s bond with his dog helped him off the streets

K9 Memorial
Features a touching roll of honour for fallen police dogs and information on PC Paul Nicholl’s quest to create a much needed national memorial to our PDs, which now stands in Oaklands Park, Chelmsford, Essex.

Paul Nicholls and John Doubleday
(Picture: via Paul Nicholls)

Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service
This service, run by trained volunteers who have all experienced the loss of a much-loved pet, is intended to help people struggling with saying goodbye to their own pets. The website also includes a memorial wall where you can read the many lovely tributes to departed pets and add your own. Plus, information booklets on euthanasia and pet loss and children.

Association of private pet cemeteries and crematoria
Founded in 1993, this association was founded in order to promote companion animal facilities, to set and maintain a code of conduct to ensure quality of service and to have a voice with regard to legislation being introduced. This site provides a map and directory of services throughout the UK

Why Does Losing a Pet Hurt So Much? – Literary Hub, 20th June 2019
“If you have an animal in your life, you can’t get away from the fact that in almost every case, you will outlive them.”

Scientists explain: The reason losing a dog feels the same as losing a human loved one -Newsner, June 17th 2019
A new study reveals that saying goodbye to a pet can be as painful as losing a human loved one, and here’s why …

Just a dog – Noel Fitzpatrick, 5th February 2019
A poem that will resonate with many pet owners

People Need To Be Taken Seriously When They Grieve The Death Of A Pet – Here’s Why Animal Rescue Site.
One of the most difficult days for any pet owner is the day their pet passes away. That’s because pets are more than just furry creatures that live in our homes — they’re part of our families.

Value of a moment
Moving quote by Theodor Seuss Geisel better known to many of us as Dr Seuss (Picture: Weirdworldinsta)

Books on pet history

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Hodge: a very fine cat. Hodge belonged to the famous writer Samuel Johnson who rather doted on him, bringing him fresh oysters, which you can see atop the book.  Gough Square, London. (Picture: Jackie Buckle)

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Sam the cat, Queen Square Gardens, Holborn, Lonfon
Sculpture of Sam, a pet of local nurse Patricia (Penny) Penn (1914-1992), who had campaigned tirelessly to protect the area from development. (Picture: Jackie Buckle)

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Dog from the Animals in War Memorial, Park Lane
This beautiful dog is one part of the multi-faceted Animals in War Memorial that can be found at the eastern edge of Hyde Park in London. (Picture: Jackie Buckle)

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Queen Mother frieze
Frieze on the Mall, London, showing the Queen Mother and two of her much-loved corgis. (Picture: Jackie Buckle)